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July 30, 2020
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The Purpose of our Women’s Workshops is to encourage, empower, excite, and inspire women to discover and celebrate who they are. We want all women to understand and value their potential. In addition to valuing their uniqueness. Using the skills and techniques we share to take this world by storm.


Self-empowerment is important for maintaining relationships, furthering your career, and improving your health.

Our Empowerment program focuses on empowerment through finance, self-achievement, career development, and community. This program is designed to teach while offering guidance on how best to empower yourself without compromising yourself.

Photo by Chelsi Peter


The Love program focuses on relationships. This program is designed to inspire and cultivate your relationships with yourself and God. As well as those of your children, spouse/significant other, and your sister-friends.

Photo by Chelsi Peter


Our Better You program focuses on improvement by way of etiquette, nutrition, fashion, skin & hair care, and fitness. This program is designed to enhance and develop both your inner and outer appearance.

Goals for our Women’s Workshops

Encourage women to discover and celebrate their uniqueness.
Empower women to make sound decisions for their betterment.
Excite women to recognize their passions.
Inspire women to pursue and fulfill their goals.

Core Values

Relationships | Empowerment | Self-Awareness | Encourage | Confidence | Evolution


Spring Workshop (May)
Fall Workshop (October)

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